• Startup Intern Education Program

    Get to practice *real* business


    Can't land your first job as you have no experience yet?


    1. Practice entrepreneurship and develop your market value.

    2. You get to write your own job description!

    3. No Finnish? No Problem!

    4. You can set up your schedule to fit your needs.


    We help you bridge the gap between uni & landing your first job.


  • The Future of Education is brought to you by:

    Ministry of Education, Vantaa Sports Department and Unfair Advantage

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  • Did you realise these existing problems?


    Not enough industry experience

    Entry-level positions on the market require 2-3 years of industry-experience but how to get that after the studies?


    No Finnish language

    Many internationals in Finland face the problem – no job without Finnish language! We have a set of practiced strategies to help you!



    Limited spaces for internship in big companies

    Usually the companies provide 2-3 spots for internship. The competition is huge and what our talents should do?


    Pandemic effect



    Corona affected the society and the market. Now there are less open positions on the labour market.

  • Our program helps to fulfil the GAP! Change your life, get real industry experience, start a business or find a good job in Finland!

  • Students will learn how to create, market, sell and deliver

    To develop the core skills to become an entrepreneur and 5x their chances to find a job with a new mindset


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    Happy team

    Students will be working in the teams, learning from each other catching the time of their lives

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    Students are supported by mentor-teacher, they have an opportunity to ask an advice, help and access to resources

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    Real resources

    Students get a chance to work on real projects and run their own Business Units. We are providing our platform as a business tool and marketing assets to promote.

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    Working with big brands

    Students can organize social events as well and make deals with big brands!

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    Bringing Value

    We are connecting people offline, which is quite unusual in the new reality. Change the world and bring value.

  • Levels of the program

    Suitable also for events organizing-, marketing-, sales-, entrepreneurship-, targeted courses

    Level 1 - Intern

    You didn't learn enough in uni to enter the work force. No one wants to hire you but you have to have 2 years experience. We teach you for free and get you your first real work experience.

    Level 2 - Trainee

    We hope to keep you with the company or agency if we can get connect you to a revenue project. Results based salary.

    Level 3 - Manager

    You run a business unit. Commission based and equity possibilities .

  • Our Projects - Future of Applied Education Courses

    Map of the projects and paths to take mentorship on






    Level 4 - 6

    Business Team


    Paul, Patrik



    Anna S

    Staff Tribes







    Big Companies

    Bars, Clubs, Brands

    Companies ≥ 100 staff


    Level 2 - 3

    Marketing Team

    Mia, Lula, Vi, Amanda, Binod, Hedi, Kerkko, Daniil, Sara, Rosa



    University Project

    Events for big companies

    Universities & Student unions

    Racket clubs


    Level 1

    + Entry Level

    + Orientation

    + Get to know team

    + products

    + markets

    + have fun

    + play more sports


    Startup Intern & Company Training Program


    Hedi, Thuy, Maeva


    Events organising

    Research project





    Friends, Colleagues

  • Why join as a teacher?

    Engage your students with real life products, customers and revenue.

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    Diversify content

    Our program is suitable for students to collect credits.

    Upgrade your profile as a teacher who engages with company projects that create social impact..

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    Engage students

    Your students will have a chance to practice theory along with getting unforgettable experiences. Turn the knowledge into entrepreneurial skills that are career accelerators..

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    Do Real Business

    Your students will solve real problems, learn real business skills that interact with product, customers & revenue.

  • Open Positions for students

     We are looking for you!


    Event management

    Marketing department

    IT & design


    Credits-based program

    Lecturers of AMK

    Students of AMK and colleges

    Building Managers

    Event organiser

    Sales trainee

    Administration specialist

    Marketing manager

  • They successfully graduated to be the Agents of UA Digital Marketing Agency

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    Video production & Digital marketing

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    SaaS & Email marketing

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    SaaS digital marketing

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    Content & Digital Marketing

  • Apply now

    It's completely free of charge. You'll get access to practical resources, meet new friends and become a real-life entrepreneur! You + us = awesome.

  • Community Building Platform

    2 components that help students succeed

    Offline community

    Organise events, meet with the best people and get a real life experience.

    Helps to organise the events, track business success and connect people offline.