• Vantaa City Games

    Build-in education syllabus

    Suitable for business-, tourism- and sport-ortiented courses and programmes

  • The Future of Education is brought to you by:

    Ministry of Education, Vantaa Sports Department and Jolly Dragon

  • Why join as a teacher?

    What do you get from this program?

    Diversify content

    Our program is suitable for students to collect credits.

     Make up your profile as a teacher who delivers beyond expectations.

    Engage students

    Your students will have a chance to practice theory along with getting unforgettable experience.

    Bring a real deal

    Your students will solve real problem, learn real business skills that help broaden their network and find something they want to do in their life!

  • Levels of the program

    Suitable also for events organizing-, marketing-, sales-, entrepreneurship-, tourism- targeted courses

    Level 1

    Students on assessment program

    Level 2

    Students ranked by division distributed to certain projects according to their experience and skills

    Level 3

    Students gain experience in entrepreneurship running mini-businesses

  • Students will learn how to create, market, sell and deliver

    To become real-life entrepreneurs

    Happy team

    Students will be working in the teams, learning from each other catching the time of their lives


    Students are supported by mentor-teacher, they have an opportunity to ask an advice, help and access to resources

    Real resources

    Students get a chance to work on real projects and run own Business Units. The program designed so that any event is a fun independent Business Unit – it’s ok to fail. Watch the video.

    Working with big brands

    Students can organize social events as well and make deals with big brands!

    Bringing Value

    The coolest of the friends is those who has discounts to trendy places, activities and events. Student can be first to bring value to their community and friends around them

  • Our Projects - Future of Applied Education Courses

    Map of the projects and paths to take mentorship on






    Level 4 - 6

    Business Team








    Big Companies

    Bars, Clubs, Brands

    Companies ≥ 100 staff


    Level 2 - 3

    Marketing Team

    Valeria, Sarah, Erica, Khanh, Eliza, Jana, Anna P., Anna F., Evelyn, Wendy.

    Monday Funday

    Café Lingua Productions

    Café Lingua FREE


    Sales Commissioned Team

    Student Unions

    Group Leaders


    Level 1

    + Entry Level

    + Orientation

    + Get to know team

    + products

    + markets

    + have fun

    + play more sports


    Startup Intern & Company Training Program


    August shortlist:

    Anna K., Van,

    + 6 more hot picks from 58


    What to sell?

    VIP memberships

    20h Badminton

    Season Packages

    1 Time Tickets

    Sport Parties, Tournaments & Leagues


    Floorball 20 x 150€ Squash 6400€

    Racketball 6400€

    Table Tennis 640€ Badminton 9600€


    Nationality Groups


    Friends, Colleagues

  • Open Positions for students

     We are looking for you!


    Sports organizer

    Campus ambassador

    Party master

    Ambassadors and Volunteers

    Credits-based program

    Lecturers of AMK

    Students of AMK and colleges

    Building Managers

    Event organizer

    Sales trainee

    Administration specialist

    Tourism manager

    Nationality Ambassadors

    Spanish rep

    British rep

    Russian rep

    Indian rep

    Chinese rep

    Lithuanian rep, etc.

  • Core Team

    People behind the community

    Paul James

    CEO of FUN

    Paul James is the CEO of Jolly Dragon. Has over 20+ years of experience building sport communities.


    Project Coordinator

    Active and enthusiastic, makes things happen.


    Management Intern

    Sander came to Finland from Netherlands. He has amazing personality adored by other people around. He successfully learns how to structure business processes.


    Marketing Intern

    She studies management assistance and knows about marketing analytics and loves numbers.


    Community Builder

    Anna knows how to get people involved into sports and what benefits they can get out of it!


    Lead Developer

    A true Unicorn in our team. Pablo understands that tech alone cant get people offline. His mission is that you use our tech for less than 1 minute per play time.


    Content Marketing

    Viet is expat from Vietnam living in Finland. He is digital marketing intern, a fast learner and creative story teller!


    Event manager

    Safiira studies tourism management and wants to polish organisation and communication skill

  • Projects

    Show off your projects, features, or clients in this section.

    Project “Connecting senior and young generations”.

    Multinational environment

    Sport unites: to start you don’t need to have any special skills except of being respectful and enthusiastic.

    Senior generation is seeking for new energy and events. With the help of young talents alongside educational institutions we can mix experience of elderly people with hunger of a student group, bringing them together to the sport activities.

    Project "Successful Events"

    practical professional growth

    Working effectively in a team to plan, create and market the event or series of events. Student will learn a skillset which can be used in real professional life as individual entrepreneur or employee.

  • Apply now

    It's completely free of charge. You'll get access to practical resources, meet new friends and become a real-life entrepreneur! You + us = awesome.

  • Community Building Platform

    2 components that help students succeed

    Offline community

    with amazing hosts & experience.

    motivates potential customers to meet offline, helps student to organise and promote events

  • Work with us

    Do you need a community to be advertised in?

    As a partner you'll get access to 9 000 people community and its marketing resources!

    Student Social Events Club

    Merihaka sports center

    Courts are available for you to get them overbooked!

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